maths subtraction worksheet for class 4

This worksheet explains the idea of subtraction.

What is the “maths subtraction worksheet for class 4?

This fourth-grade math worksheet combines subtraction practice with a word problem, observation, and assessment, as well as a challenge that asks students to develop and respond to their own word problems in order to help youngsters understand the lesson and practice newly learned skills.

How will the “maths subtraction worksheet for class 4” help you?

With the help of this worksheet, you will comprehend the idea of subtraction more easily.

Instructions on how to use the “maths subtraction worksheet for class 4”

To grasp the idea, try these exercises in subtraction. A six-item exercise to practice the new idea is provided following the instruction.

A real-world problem-solving scenario is also provided to further assist the student in comprehending how this fundamental idea is utilized in everyday life.

This worksheet has a reflection section toward the end to encourage students to evaluate how well they understood the lesson and reflect on their own thinking.

Last but not least, it motivates the student to devise an original approach to subtracting four-digit and five-digit values.


It will help you understand how mathematical operations and numbers are related.

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