Maths worksheet for class 1 (pdf)

In this page,you will see fundamental concepts of maths .

What is the “maths worksheet for class 1 (pdf)”?

Maths worksheet for class 1 (pdf) consist of  essential mathematical concepts that kids should investigate. They must be able to understand the fundamental ideas, mathematically represent and expand on their everyday knowledge, and effectively express what they have learned.

How will the “maths worksheet for class 1 (pdf)” help you?

This will help students in learning math shapes and space.

Instructions on how to use the “maths worksheet for class 1 (pdf)”

Use this worksheet to learn the basics of geometry. It will assist kids in classifying and organising visual data.

Some practise questions are also made for the students after learning a new idea.

Create your own practise questions when you’ve had some practise.

A reflection section is included at the conclusion of the chapter to give students time to consider their work and assess their achievement.

Finally, it asks the student about a novel approach.


It will aid in your child’s ability to recognise differences between things, excite pupils’ interest in learning, foster their creativity, and inspire kids to pursue careers in the sciences.

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