Maths worksheet for class 4 ICSE

This worksheet explains the mathematical operators and their applications.

What is the “Maths worksheet for class 4 ICSE”?

In order to assist students in comprehending the lesson, and practicing newly acquired abilities, this fourth-grade math worksheet combines maths exercises with a word problem, observation, and evaluation, as well as a challenge that challenges learners to create and answer their own word problems.

How will the “Maths worksheet for class 4 ICSE” help you?

It will help in learning to split up a number and repeat the addition of the same number by using equal quantities.

Instructions on how to use the “Maths worksheet for class 4 ICSE”

The teaching is followed by a six-item practice exercise where the new idea is put to use.

A real-world problem-solving scenario is also supplied to further help the learner understand how this essential concept is applied in daily life.

This worksheet includes a place for reflection at the conclusion to motivate students to assess how well they comprehended the lesson and consider their own ideas.

Last but not least, it encourages the student to develop a new method.


It will help you understand how mathematical operations and numbers are related.

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