Mensuration worksheet for class 6(with answer key)

On this worksheet, you will deal with the subject of geometry which is a mensuration. You will see different calculations or formulas to find the measurements of various geometrical figures

What is the “Mensuration worksheet for class 6”?

It is a worksheet designed to help students practice advanced mensuration by understanding the statements and formulae used to calculate the size, area, or surface area of any geometrical figure such as a triangle, cube, square, rectangle, cylinder, or circle. This sheet will show you how to use similar formulas to find measurements of your garden or agricultural fields.

You will have a better understanding of the concept after learning it through theoretical part and exercises.

Then, in the reflective section of this sheet, you must express yourself by sharing your thoughts.

Finally, there is an area where you can create your own method and questions.

How will the “Mensuration worksheet for class 6” help you?

It will assist you in understanding two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes. It will give you the formula for finding the area, surface area, and perimeter of cubes, squares, different types of triangles, hemispheres, and spheres.


By learning this worksheet clearly, you will become able to apply the formulation in your daily life by making measurements of fields, packages, boxes, and areas. The surface area will also help you in painting buildings and homes.

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