Money Addition Worksheet for Class 2 (with Answer Key)

The money addition worksheet 2nd grade introduces students to the concept of money. Understanding money is not just math but a primary life skill. The money addition  worksheet for grade 2 helps students get familiar with different currencies and their value. It also teaches students how to add these currencies. Apart from that, students get to understand how money is used in our everyday life through this worksheet.

What is“Addition”?

Addition is a way of combining things and counting them together as one large group. Addition in math is a process of combining two or more numbers. Addends are the numbers added, and the result or the final answer we get after the process is called the sum. It is one of the essential mathematical functions we use in our everyday activities. There are many situations in which we use numbers. One of the most common everyday uses for adding numbers is when we work with money.

How will the “Money Addition Worksheet for Class 2 ” help you?

This worksheet will help the students to learn about money concepts. We also learn money addition and how to teach a child to count money. There are countless benefits of counting money in a worksheet 2nd grade. One of the most important benefits is that students get to practice several money-based questions through this 2nd grade math worksheet. Students can explore money in a fun and interesting manner.

Instructions on how to use the “Money Addition Worksheet for Class 2 (with Answer Key) ”

Use this math worksheet to carefully study the concepts of money addition.

Some activities are given after the lesson in order to exercise the learned concept. 

Towards the end of this worksheet, a reflective section is provided in order to help the learner think about their own thinking (metacognition) and assess how they performed in the lesson.


At the end of this worksheet, the learner will effectively learn about money addition.

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