Money for class 2 Worksheet

In Math, money can be defined as the medium of exchange, such as notes, coins, and demand deposits, used to pay for commodities and services. The value or price of an item or service is paid for using money.

Money is the means to buy all things or a value used to pay for buying objects. Money is either made up of metal coins or paper. Every country in the world had its separate notes to purchase goods. Different colors represent different values of notes.

What is “Money for class 2 Worksheet”?

 “Money for class 2 Worksheet” is to provide students with a math practice sheet that will help them solve money calculating problems easily. It will provide them with a variety of opportunities and methods to apply what they’ve learned and strengthen their understanding of the material. This worksheet will help to build their basic concepts about money and its calculation.

How to calculate money?

There are various methods of counting money through which a learner can easily get a better understanding in solving their problems. So, the most used techniques are as follows:

1.    Counting coins

2.    Number Writing

3.    Words writing

The counting skills is a widely used term and includes three main sets of skills which are knowledge of numbers, words, and symbols, and number word sequence skills.

How will the “money for class 2  worksheet ” help you?

This worksheet will help beginners learn various strategies as they develop their math fluency, so we have pulled together a host of options to help students be more successful at calculating and counting money.

Instructions on how to use “money for class 2 worksheet”?

This math worksheet can be used to learn about the different methods of counting money for beginners.  It will guide you step by step in solving your money calculation problems and will create interest for the students to understand everything easily.


There are several ways to calculate and count money. Here, we’ve used the three most standard methods. At the end of this worksheet, the learner will be able to find the solution of their problems effectively.

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