Multiplying 4 Digit By 1 Digit worksheet

What is the “4 Digit by 1 Digit Multiplication”?

This worksheet will discuss the steps of 4-digit numbers by 1-digit multiplication. This will include the steps of performing the multiplication.

How will the “4 Digit by 1 Digit Multiplication” help you?

This worksheet will help you in enhancing your knowledge on multiplication specifically on 4-digit numbers by 1-digit number.

This will also evaluate the learners through knowing the basic concepts of multiplication, knowing how to multiply thousands’s place numbers, applying it to real life, and then realize its importance.

What does the 4 digit by 1 digit multiplication mean?

This means that a much larger number is being multiplied to a single digit number. The larger number is also composed only of 4 digits with placeholders thousands, hundreds, tens and ones.

Instructions on using the “Multiplication 3 Digit by 1 Digit”

Use this worksheet to improve skills in multiplication and become familiar with the process of multiplying triple digits by single digits. After a short discussion, a 10-item math drill activity will be given to perform the multiplication well.

Another task is a real life problem that should be solved applying the lessons discussed,

Finally, the learner will be asked to list the real life situation that will use the concept of 4 digits by a 1 digit multiplication.


Multiplication is one of the fundamental operations and it is only natural that it will appear in the higher mathematical concepts and topics as well.

Being able to progress in multiplication will also help learners to become more comfortable in the lesson in the future.

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