Multiplying Fractions Word Problems Worksheet

Learning how to multiply fractions is important, especially since we encounter fractions daily. We do fractions in following recipes, calculating for discounts, in grades criteria, and many more. See? Fractions are a lot more useful than we thought. 

What is Multiplying Fractions?

Multiplying is when we use multiplication as the operation of two or more fractions. We can apply multiplying fractions in real-life scenarios like when we buy things in bulk.

How will the “Multiplying Fractions Word Problems Worksheet” help you?

Doing multiplication of fractions in the form of word problems improves our knowledge and understanding of doing fractions. It is a great way to practice your analyzing, comprehension, visualising, and interpreting.

Instructions on using the “Multiplying Fractions Word Problems Worksheet”

Use this worksheet to enhance your math skills when it comes to solving fractions. With this worksheet, practice how to solve fractions whether they are proper fractions, improper fractions, mixed fractions, similar fractions, or dissimilar fractions. After the discussion, it will be followed by a series of word problems to ensure that the concepts and steps are well learned. 

Lastly, a reflection will be followed to know the learnings, insights, and realization upon learning.


Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing may be easy. But learning how to do fractions in different operations is important. This is why this worksheet is designed to help you understand the process and concepts behind it.

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