NCERT Class 5 How Many Squares Worksheet

What is the “How Many Squares – NCERT Class 5 Worksheet”?

This worksheet will make the learners recall their prior knowledge in the field of mathematics especially on the properties of squares. Square is one of the simplest yet most fascinating shapes there is in mathematics. This worksheet will make the learners realize these facts.

What topics will be included in the “How Many Squares – NCERT Class 5 Worksheet”?

This worksheet will cover the topics in the concept of How Many Squares. This will include the introduction to shapes that could be composed by squares, measurements, and some other properties like perimeter and area.

What is “How Many Squares”?

Most likely, this concept will give a broader property and use of squares. We already know a square is a four-sided shape that has its all sides equal. This chapter will also be giving lessons on measurements and real life application of the concept.

How will the “How Many Squares – NCERT Class 5 Worksheet” help you?

This worksheet will aid the learner in understanding squares deeper and further as it will be useful in understanding and learning more complex concepts and shapes in the future.

This is also one of the fundamentals to proceed to 3-dimensional figures.

Instructions on how to use “How Many Squares – NCERT Class 5 Worksheet”

Use this worksheet will give a new method of understanding the properties of squares. After a small discussion, a 10-item activity will be given to identify the number of squares inside a figure as application through visual representations.

Next, to understand perimeter, 3 figures will be given with side measurements and the learners will be asked to compute the total perimeter.

A real life problem will also be given as activity to enhance the reasoning of the learner when it comes to the uses of the concept.

Lastly, the learner will be given a question to enumerate square figures in their surroundings.


Being able to master the concept will lead to simpler learning of the future topics. This will also make innovations in the mind of learners that these concepts do exist.

Having the knowledge about the properties of the squares will also deepen the understanding not only of the square but all the other shapes.

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