Negative Numbers and Integers for Class 6 Worksheet

What is the “Negative Numbers and Integers Class 6 Worksheet”?

This worksheet will introduce the negative numbers and integers. This will enhance skills of learners in identifying the categories and groups of numbers. 

This worksheet will also give fundamental concepts for the next topics requiring knowledge in signed numbers and integers.

How will “Negative Numbers and Integers Class 6 Worksheet” help you?

This worksheet will highlight the important details and key concepts of negative numbers and integers. 

This will improve the understanding of the learner through identifying integers, identifying negative numbers in real life, being able to create their own set of negative numbers and integers, and also become aware of the importance of integers in different fields.

What are Integers?

Integers are whole numbers, which means it cannot be fractional or decimal. Integers can be negative, positive or zero. 

The types of integers include Natural Numbers (positive), zero, and Additive Inverse of Natural Numbers (negative).

What are Negative Numbers?

Negative numbers are integers that are less than zero and are known as the additive inverse of natural or counting numbers.

Instructions on how to use “Negative Numbers and Integers Class 6 Worksheet”

Use this worksheet to have a better understanding and deeper learning on the concept of negative numbers and integers. After a short discussion, a 10-item activity will follow which will determine the learner’s ability to identify integers.

A 5-item activity will also be given to help the learners have a better understanding of negative numbers and measurements in actual application.

The learner will also be asked to provide his/her own set of integers and negative numbers according to given conditions.

Finally, the learner will be asked a question on the importance of the integers in a chosen field.


Numbers are very complex and have a lot of properties. These properties are very much needed to be learned because of the future topics that will entail understanding of this concept.

Being able to determine various properties and groups of numbers, especially their real life application is a huge advantage in the field of mathematics.

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