Negative Numbers Worksheet (with Answer Key)

What are Negative Numbers?

A negative number in mathematics represents the reverse of a positive. It is a number less than zero in the real number system. Negative numbers are frequently used to indicate how great a loss or a shortage is. One could consider an unpaid debt to be a negative asset.

How will the “Negative Numbers Worksheets” will help you?

Students will learn more about negative numbers thanks to this worksheet. Learners can use this worksheet to practice problem-solving techniques. Learners will be able to double-check their work or responses in the activities thanks to the answer key in the worksheet’s final part. It can assist them in evaluating any mistakes they may have made.

Instructions on how to use the “Negative Numbers Worksheets ”

The ideas and lectures that the learners should be familiar with, will be presented in the first part. 

The learner will have the opportunity to put what they learned into practice through an exercise. This section will assess the student’s knowledge, comprehension, and evaluation. A section for reflection follows the final activity. It is made available to aid in thinking and performance evaluation in class.


You can find negative numbers more quickly if you can recognize them and become familiar with them. Start using this worksheet to increase your understanding and application.

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