Number 2 Worksheet(With Answer Key)

This worksheet is about numbers. You will practice starting numbers in this by using some activity portions.

What is the “Number 2 worksheet”?

The Maths worksheet for number two is designed for kids to learn the curves and then trace number two by using dotted lines. There is also a portion where you will differentiate between different numbers. You will learn to recognize the number two and practice writing it.

Following the instruction, an exercise is provided for students to practice the new concept.

This worksheet includes a reflection section near the end to encourage students to reflect on their own thinking and assess how well they understood the lesson.

Finally, it motivates the student to devise a unique number-making strategy.

How will the “Number 2 worksheet” help you?

This worksheet will help your kids in learning numbers easily. This practice sheet will teach you the method of recognization and tracing of number two.


Numbers are the foundation of mathematical sciences. A strong focus on numbers in younger grades makes you able to solve more complex mathematical expressions in higher grades. This sheet will make your students able to write number two.

Number 2 worksheet

What is a Number?

It is a mathematical symbol used to make a calculation or to count the number of objects.

What is counting?

It is a way to determine the number of objects by using numbers.

What is the number 2?

By adding one two times, you will get the number 2.


Try making small strokes to make the number two.


Make your own!

Create one math problem. Show your solution to the problem you crafted.


What are your thoughts on this worksheet? Did you find it difficult or tough to follow the pattern?

Method creation!

Do you know any other method to draw the number 2? Show your method below.

Answer Key 

Complete the pattern 

You can download this worksheet here.

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