Number 6 worksheet (With Answer Key)

This worksheet is all about numbers. Some activity sections in this will allow you to practice starting numbers.

What is the “Number 6 worksheet”?

The purpose of the number six maths worksheet is for children to learn the strokes and then easily track the number six with a dashed line. There is also a portion where you must differentiate between various numbers. You will start practicing fully acknowledging and composing the number 6.

Just after the guidance, students are given a planning stage to put the new concept into practice.

Near the end of the spreadsheet, students can reflect on their own thinking and evaluate how well they comprehended the lesson.

How will the “Number 6 worksheet” help you?

This homework assignment will enable your kids to acquire knowledge of numbers. This task 

will instruct you on how to distinguish and mark the number six.


Numbers are the basis of the basic sciences. In primary school, a major influence on the number system prepares you to solve more complicated math expressions in high school. This assessment will aid students in writing the number six.


Number 6 worksheet

What is a Number?

It is a mathematical symbol that is used to calculate or count the number of objects.

What is counting?

It is a method of calculating the number of objects by using numbers.

What is the number 6?

By adding three two times, you will get the number 6.


Try making small strokes to make the number six.


Draw number six on dotted lines.

Make your own!

Create one math problem. Show your solution to the problem you crafted.


What are your thoughts on this worksheet? Did you find it difficult or tough to follow the pattern?

Method creation!

Do you know any other method to draw the number 6? Show your method below.

Answer Key 

Complete the pattern 

You can download this worksheet here.

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