Number Line from 1 to 10 worksheet

On this page, you will learn about the number line and how to draw them in an easy way. It will also help you to draw number lines of a bigger number range.

What is a Number Line?

In Maths, number lines are the straight lines in which the numbers are placed in equal distance from one another. The numbers on the number line can be positive and negative. It extends indefinitely on both sides.

How will the “Number Line from 1 to 10” help you?

This worksheet will help you better understand the concept behind number lines and how the step-by-step process is being carefully followed for correct outcomes.

Instructions on how to use the “Number Line from 1 to 10” worksheet?

Use this maths worksheet to carefully study the concept behind the number line and how to use it to get bigger number lines. A 5-item activity is given after the lesson in order to exercise the learned concept.

Towards the end of this worksheet, it also challenges the learner to come up with his/her own method of drawing number lines.


There are alot of methods to draw the number lines. One of the methods used is simple number line drawing. It will help you understand the concept better.

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