Number Pattern Worksheet for Class 2 (With Answer Key)

Identifying number patterns can be an easy task to do. Once you identify a common pattern in the sequence of the numbers given, you can identify the next numbers. On this worksheet, you will be able to learn how to identify number patterns. 

What are Number Patterns? 

In Mathematics, the patterns in which a list of numbers follows a specific sequence are known as number patterns. In general, patterns show how two numbers relate to one another. It is sometimes referred to as numerical series sequences.

Ascending Pattern and Descending Pattern

An ascending pattern is one in which the numbers increase larger as the sequence goes on. Multiplication or addition are frequent operations in ascending patterns. A pattern is considered descending when the numbers in it get smaller as the sequence goes on. Division or subtraction is frequently used in descending patterns.

Common Type of Number Pattern

Arithmetic Sequences

In mathematics, arithmetic sequences are collections of numbers with consistent differences between the words. Common differences refer to similarities between terms that follow one another.


A number pattern is a series of integers that occur in a specific order. Inverse relationships between numbers are frequently described by patterns. Patterns can also be used to describe numerical sequences. To answer problems using the Number Pattern, it is first required to comprehend the rule that the pattern is using. 

Use this math worksheet to carefully study the concept of number patterns. A 15-item activity is given after the lesson to exercise the learned concept.

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