Number Pattern Worksheet For Class 2

What is the “Number Pattern Worksheet for Class 2”?

This worksheet will discuss the different patterns and numbers and will also provide practice questions to improve the math skills of an individual.

How will the “Number Pattern Worksheet for Class 2 help you?

This worksheet will help the learner understand the concept of number patterns and also their properties and uses.

What is a number pattern?

A number pattern is an interval between two consecutive numbers. This is called a pattern if the interval of these two, follow a certain trend as other numbers follow the number.

Instructions on using the “Number Pattern Worksheet for Class 2”

Use this worksheet to understand more and become more familiar with solving surface areas. After a short discussion, a 5-item true or false will be given to the learner.

A math drill will be given to fill the blanks to find the missing numbers on the different patterns of numbers.


Number patterns are what we encounter every day even though we do not always pay attention to them. It is essential to practice and become familiar with this concept to become aware of these possibilities.

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