Number System for Class 9 Worksheet (with Answer Key)

Number system Class 9 Worksheet MCQ are given with correct answers. Students can practice these objective questions and test their problem-solving skills. Solving these MCQ of number systems will help students to score good marks.

What is a “Number System”?

Numbers system is a writing system that is used for expressing numbers. Given that every number represents its unique representation. Number System is actually the method by which numbers are represented on the number line with the help of symbols and by following certain rules. The numbers here range from 0 to 9 and these numbers are referred to as digits. The Number System comprises a number of values based upon its digits base value.

How will the “Number System Class 9 Worksheet MCQ” help you?

This worksheet will help the students to learn about “Number System MCQ” for class 9. Solving these MCQs of the number system for 9th Standard will help students to boost their problem-solving skills and confidence.

Instructions on how to use the “Number System Class 9 Worksheet MCQ”

Use this math worksheet to carefully study the concepts of “Number System MCQ” for class 9.

A 15-item MCQ activity is  given after the lesson in order to exercise the learned concept. 

Towards the end of this worksheet, a reflective section is provided in order to help the learner think about their own thinking (metacognition) and assess how they performed in the lesson.


At the end of this worksheet, the learner will effectively learn about “Number System MCQ” for class 9.

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