One-Step Equations with Rational Coefficients Worksheet

What are One-Step Equations?

One-Step Equations are algebraic equations that can be solved in one step. These are also called linear equations because the degree or exponent of the variable is 1. We can solve one-step equations in operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

What are Rational Coefficients?

A rational ]coefficient is a number or term in the form of fractions or decimals that is multiplied by the variable.

How will the “One-Step Equations with Rational Coefficients Worksheet” help you?

This worksheet will help you better understand the concepts of how to solve equations that have rational coefficients. The process and things to know are discussed in this worksheet to help you understand how and why it works.

Instructions on “One-Step Equations with Rational Coefficients Worksheet”

Use this math worksheet to gain knowledge and practice your math skills in solving one-step equations with rational coefficients.

In the first part, there will be a discussion regarding the topic which contains the things that are needed to know, concepts, process of solving and etc. After it, an activity will be given for the application of the discussion and to practice solving one-step equations with rational coefficient


The contents of this worksheet will help you understand and solve a one-step equation. It will be good preparation for your algebra.

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