Perimeter and area worksheet for class 4(with answer key)

On this page, you will learn about the space covered by an object and about the distance, it makes over its surrounding. Area and perimeter are two fundamental parameters of any geometrical figure. After learning this worksheet, you will become able to use it in your daily life.

What are the “Area and perimeter worksheet for class 4”?

It is a worksheet designed for fourth graders to practice some geometrical objects along with their formulas. You will learn about four basic shapes in geometry. The lesson part will explain the area and whole outer distance an object covers. After the lesson part, you will see examples related to the conceptual part.

After comprehending all examples, you will practice yourself with exercise.

There is also a section where you can share your thoughts regarding this maths sheet.

Lastly, there is the portion where you have to create your own exercise problems and their solution and method to find perimeter and area.

How will the “Area and perimeter worksheet for class 4” help you?

This worksheet will assist you by giving a detailed explanation of the space an object has and the outer distance of an object. This sheet will show you the formulation for finding the area and perimeter. After learning you can easily apply them in your exercise part.


By understanding this worksheet, you will become able to find the area and perimeter of four basic geometrical figures. You will learn to apply this in your real life by measuring the height, and width of your book, and pencil case. Then use the area and perimeter formula to measure the space and distance it covers.

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