Properties of Whole Numbers for Class 6 Worksheet

What is the “Properties of Whole Numbers Class 6 Worksheet”?

This worksheet will explain properties of the whole numbers. This will also include the different examples of whole numbers.

This worksheet is an essential guide on the future topics of mathematics that will be on the higher level.

How will the “Properties of Whole Numbers Class 6 Worksheet” help you?

This worksheet will help you in understanding more the properties of whole numbers and how they’ll be used in real life.

This worksheet aims to help through identification math drills, recalling important key concepts, real life problems, and also understanding its importance.

What are Whole Numbers?

Whole numbers are numerical values that do not contain fraction or decimal. It is composed of zero and natural or counting numbers.

Instructions on using the “Properties of Whole Numbers of Class 6 Worksheet”

Use this worksheet to know the properties of whole numbers and understand its functions and uses. After a short discussion, the learner will be asked to enumerate the properties of the whole number.

A true or false of 5 items will also be given to the learners to recall the concept key ideas.

A real life problem will also be given for the learner to relate his or her learned concept to the real situations in modern day.

Finally, the learner will be asked the significance of whole numbers to the learners.


This concept is one of the basic foundations when learning other concepts of basic mathematics. This is one of the key concepts in math.

Being able to know whole numbers and its properties does have a significant advancement in the field of mathematics.

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