Put the sign worksheet for class 1(with the answer key)

On this worksheet, you will earn to compare digits and write the sign along with greater and smaller digits.

What is the “Put the sign worksheet for class 1”?

It is a worksheet designed for beginners to learn about ascending and descending order.THis sheet will show them a way of arrangement of bigger and smaller digits. You will learn to distinguish between two different digits by recognizing the greater value. By using this worksheet, you will easily put the three different signs and compare your values.

After learning the concept through examples and exercises, you will have a better understanding of it.

Then, in this sheet’s reflective section, you must express yourself by sharing your thoughts.

Finally, there’s a section where you can design your own method and questions.

How will the “Put the sign worksheet for class 1” help you?

This worksheet will help you in realizing the greater part and the smaller part. Then you will put a sign according to the expression by using the concept of comparison between two digits. You will see pictorial examples to understand the concept in an interesting and attractive way


You will be able to identify counting, add, and subtract values if you learn to compare greater and smaller digits. You can also compare large data with small data or products. This worksheet will also help you in real life by arranging a greater amount of packages or boxes with a smaller amount of objects.

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