Rational and Irrational Numbers for Class 8 Worksheet

What is the “Rational and Irrational Numbers Class 8 Worksheet”?

This worksheet will explain rational and irrational numbers. This will also include the examples of rational and irrational numbers. 

A chart will also be presented to understand the number system concept.

How will the “Rational and Irrational Numbers Class 8 Worksheet” help you?

This worksheet will help you understand the concept of rational and irrational numbers. The key ideas will be introduced and be evaluated through identifying the type of numbers, recalling the concept, remembering the lesson, and also evaluating the application of the concept.

What are Rational Numbers?

Rational numbers are numbers that can be expressed in ratio or fraction since its denominator is not equal to zero.

What are Irrational Numbers?

Irrational numbers cannot be expressed in fraction forms. But this can also be represented in the number line.

Instructions on using the “Rational and Irrational Numbers Class 8 Worksheet”

Use this worksheet to understand and learn the lessons on rational and irrational numbers. After a short discussion, a 10-item math drill will be given to identify rational and irrational numbers.

A 5-item true or false will be given to recall the concepts discussed.

A chart will also be asked to be filled in by the learner as discussed previously.

Lastly, the learner will differentiate the rational and irrational numbers.


Rational numbers and irrational numbers are one of the foundation knowledge when advancing in mathematics. The properties are mentioned in this section that will help learners identify the numbers.

Being able to differentiate rational and irrational numbers could be very advantageous in learning and proceeding to much difficult topics in mathematics.

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