Reading and Writing 4 Digit Numbers Worksheet

What is the “Reading and Writing 4 Digit Numbers”?

This worksheet will explain reading and writing four digit numbers. That is, numbers above 999. The place values will also be discussed.

This worksheet will be a guide to learning how to read and write numbers, specifically four-digit numbers.

How will the “Reading and Writing 4 Digit Numbers” help you?

This worksheet will help improve your knowledge in reading and writing numbers. This way, you will know a new method to represent numerical values aside from its figure forms. 

This worksheet will evaluate learners through identifying place values, filling in missing words, real life problems, and creating their own.

What are Place Values?

Place values are the placeholders of digits. The place values of digits will depend on their position within a number.

Instructions on using the “Reading and Writing 4 Digit Numbers”

Use this worksheet to learn how to read and write 4-digit numbers and understand different properties entailed in this concept. After a short discussion, a 10-item math drill will be given to identify the underlined number’s place value.

The learner will then be given 5-item activity to fill in missing words of numbers converted into word forms.

A real life problem will also be given to apply the learned concepts from the topic.

Finally, the learner will be asked to create their own numbers and convert them into words.


It is essential to learn how to read and write the numbers as the figures are not the only way to represent the numbers. Word forms of numbers are also used in some of the circumstances.

Being able to convert number figures into words is very useful both in future math topics and in real life situations.

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