Rounding Decimals Worksheet for Year 5

What is Rounding?

Rounding is when we adjust the numbers to make it simpler and to make rough calculations easier. It is done for whole numbers and decimals at different place values.

What are Decimals?

Decimals are numbers that have two parts namely, a whole number part and a fractional part that is separated by a decimal point. 

How will the “Rounding Decimals Worksheet for Year 5” help you?

This worksheet will help you practise your math skills in rounding decimals. It will also provide you with the learning you need in terms of concepts, and processes in rounding off and applying it to everyday life. It will be helpful in doing estimations.

Since this worksheet is designed for year 5, expect it to be a little more demanding when it comes to understanding what is asked in the questions.

Instructions on how to use the “Rounding Decimals Worksheet for Year 5”

Use this worksheet to enhance your math skills and understanding of rounding decimals. In the first part, there will be a discussion about the lectures you need to know about rounding decimals. After that, it will be followed by four sets of 5-item activities for the application of the discussion. This part will test if the learner learned the concepts in rounding decimals.

There is also an activity wherein the learner will make their example of rounding off decimals and provide the answer for them.

Towards the end, a reflective section is provided to help the learner think about their thinking (metacognition) and assess how they performed in the lesson.


Rounding off decimals is easy especially if you understand how it works and its concepts of it. Rounding of decimals according to different place values will also help the learner familiarize when the value of a number is higher or lower according to its place value. 

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