Scatter Plot and Line of Best Fit Worksheet (PDF) 

A line of best fit is a straight line that is the best estimate of the provided set of data. It is used to explore the nature of the relation that exists between two variables. Here, we are only thinking about the case when there are two dimensions. The method of least squares is a strategy to identify the line of best fit that is more accurate than other methods.

What is the “Scatter Plot and Line of Best Fit Worksheet (PDF)”?

The learner will learn more about the subject by completing this worksheet, which includes a Scatter Plot and a Line of Best Fit. 

A line of best fit can be generally estimated using the eyeball approach by drawing a straight line on a scatter plot in such a way that the number of dots above and below the line is approximately equal to one another.

How will the “Scatter Plot and Line of Best Fit Worksheet (PDF)” help you?

You will acquire further knowledge regarding the procedures, Constructing a line of best fit on the basis of a scatter plot and basing forecasts on that line.

Instructions on how to use the “Scatter Plot and Line of Best Fit Worksheet (PDF).”

Utilize the math exercise that was supplied to examine the concept of line best fit closely. You are going to become familiar with a correlation that might be positive, negative, or have no correlation at all. Then, once you’ve finished learning the material, be sure to respond to the questions that are listed below.


To provide a context-based interpretation of the linear model’s correlation coefficient. To build a line of best fit based on a scatter plot and to make predictions based on that line.

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