Sets worksheet for class 11(with answer key)

In this worksheet, you will learn about various sets that involved different elements.

You will learn to use, union, intersection, and difference and evaluate the disjoint sets.

What is the “Sets worksheet for class 11”?

It is a worksheet used to comprehend empty, equal, singleton, finite, infinite, and a subset of sets. You will learn to find power sets of different sets.

This sheet included methods to find the union, intersection, and difference of two or more sets. This worksheet will show a collection of objects or things that are related by a common characteristic.

After learning the concept through examples and exercises, you will have a better understanding of it.

Then, in this sheet’s reflective section, you must express yourself by sharing your thoughts.

Finally, there’s a section where you can design your own method and questions.

How will the “Sets worksheet for class 11” help you?

It will help you in arranging or making a collection of alike elements or objects. You will learn to arrange things in order or in relation to one another by using the concept of sets


By understanding this worksheet, you will learn about different sets and their properties. You will learn three fundamental operations of maths that can be used in sets. You can also learn to arrange elements in order by using the concept of sets

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