Simple and compound interest worksheet

Simple interest is borrowing money without considering the effects of compounding. Said simple interest solely affects the principal amount. On the other hand, A loan or deposit’s interest is computed using the original principle, and the interest accrued throughout prior periods is known as compound interest. Use this worksheet to practice your skills and knowledge in solving simple and compound interests.

What is a “simple and compound interest worksheet”?

To help students create and solve their word problems, a simple and compound interest worksheet combines word problems, reflection, evaluation, and real-world problem-solving with a challenge. Students will benefit from this practice since it will help them comprehend the lecture, apply new information, and reflect on existing knowledge.

What is interest?

A charge you pay on a loan or revenue you receive from deposits is represented by interest.

How will the “simple and compound interest worksheet” help you?

This worksheet will help you better understand the concept behind the simple and compound interest and how to compute it and follow step-by-step for correct answers.

Instructions on how to use the “simple and compound interest worksheet.”

Use this math worksheet to solve for simple and compound interest and know its use. We provide a 10-item activity to help you practice the topic.


Students are encouraged to evaluate their learning from the lecture and their metacognition in the worksheet’s last section.


Simple and compound interest is easy as long as you remember the steps and are familiar with the idea. 

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