Simplifying Negative Radicals Worksheet Kuta

A square root of a negative number results in an imaginary number in mathematics. A number is considered imaginary if you solve a negative number’s square root.  A number with no actual value is essentially the square root of a negative number.

What is the “Simplifying Negative Radicals Worksheet Kuta”

This worksheet will explore the process of simplifying negative radicals and the formation of imaginary numbers. This section will cover the concept and an example, followed by an evaluation of the student’s learning.

How will the “Simplifying Negative Radicals Worksheet Kuta” help you?

This worksheet will help you understand the process of simplifying negative radicals. It will help the learners solve negative square roots. 

Instructions on how to use the “Simplifying Negative Square Roots Worksheet (PDF).”

Learn negative radicals, imaginary numbers, and how to solve negative square roots using this worksheet. You can practice the provided exercises.


When a person asks for a square root, they often seek a positive value. This is known as the square root of the fundamental. Negative square roots are possible as well. Imaginary numbers have intangible value.

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