Solving Equations with x on Both Sides Worksheet

Two algebraic expressions separated by the equal sign (=) form an equation. It proves that the left-hand solutions are satisfied by the right-hand solutions. Each left side of an equation must be equal to its right-side counterpart. Solving equations makes it possible to find the value of a variable denoting an unknown quantity. If the statement lacks an equal sign, it is not an equation. This should be considered an expression.

What is the “Solving Equations with x on Both Sides Worksheet”?

This worksheet explains how to solve the unknown in linear equations with the variable x. Examples of how to solve linear equations with variables on both sides will be provided to students.

How will the “Solving Equations with x on Both Sides Worksheet” help you?

This worksheet will help you solve linear equations with the variable x on both sides.

Instructions on how to use the “Solving Equations with x on Both Sides Worksheet.”

Utilize this worksheet to solve the x variable- on both sides of the linear equation. Study the lesson with the provided examples and assignments.


In mathematics, there are numerous equations, including the linear equation. Learning how to solve for an unknown minimizes the amount of work required to solve linear equations.

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