Substitution and Elimination Worksheet (PDF)

A system of linear equations typically consists of two linear equations with two variables. There are many ways to solve linear equations. Elimination and substitution are used in methods for solving simultaneous linear equations. The number of equations must equal the number of unknowns to solve the system of equations.

What is the “Substitution and Elimination Worksheet (PDF)”

This worksheet will look at various ways to solve linear equations. This will entail substitution and elimination techniques.

How will the “Substitution and Elimination Worksheet (PDF)” help you?

This worksheet will assist you in solving systems of equations by substitution and elimination.

Instructions on how to use the “Substitution and Elimination Worksheet (PDF).”

Study the topic and examples provided, and then try to solve the exercises provided below.


There are several approaches to solve a system of equations. This worksheet will allow students to practice eliminating and substituting methods

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