Subtracting Two-Digit Numbers with Regrouping Worksheet

Subtraction between two single-digit numbers is usually simple and possible when the first number is larger than the second one. Such as: 9 – 5 = 4. But if the first number is smaller than the second number, subtraction is still possible but the answer will be negative (Example: 5 – 9 = – 4). This worksheet allows slightly advanced subtraction among two-digit numbers. 

What is the “Subtracting Two-Digit Numbers with Regrouping Worksheet”?

The Subtracting Two-Digit Numbers with Regrouping Worksheet allow students to utilise previous knowledge about subtraction while attempting subtraction of two-digit numbers. This worksheet is helpful for students to cope with day-to-day calculations such as groceries shopping or stationary purchasing. Students are expected to feel confident about the subtraction of two-digit numbers. 

Subtraction of Two-Digit Numbers with Regrouping

This subtraction process will allow the learning of carrying a value (1) from a larger digit to a smaller digit for subtraction. It also allows dealing with the reduced larger number after the deduction of one from tens to ones. 

How will the “Subtracting Two-Digit Numbers with Regrouping Worksheet” help you?

This worksheet will help you better understand the concept behind the subtraction of two-digit numbers and how the step-by-step process is being carefully followed for correct outcomes.

Instructions on how to use the “Subtracting Two-Digit Numbers with Regrouping Worksheet”

It is important to review the solved examples that explain the entire process, in detail. Later on, various questions are given to solve. It is expected that the student follows the given methods to obtain the correct outcome.


For the earlier grades, subtraction is usually performed through number lines or counting the small lines (by cutting the second number). The method of carrying one makes subtraction shorter and quicker. 

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