Surface Area Of A Cylinder Worksheet

What is the “Surface Area of a Cylinder Worksheet”?

This worksheet will be discussing topics on the properties of triangles. This will include descriptions and properties of triangles based on interior angles, length, and others.

This worksheet will become a guide in identification of triangles.

What is a cylinder?

 A cylinder is a three-dimensional solid that is composed of two parallel bases that are joined by a curved surface, at a certain distance. Below is an example of a cylinder.

What is a surface area?

The surface area is the amount or measure of total space that covers the outside of any three-dimensional solid.

How will the “Surface Area of a Cylinder Worksheet” help you?

This worksheet will help you in enhancing your skills in solving the surface areas specifically for the cylinder.

This worksheet will also evaluate the learners’ ability to identify parts of the cylinder and how to solve for its surface area.

Instructions on how to use “Surface Area of a Cylinder Worksheet”

Use this worksheet to enhance ability in solving for the surface area of the cylinder and knowing its parts. After a short discussion, a 5-item true or false will be given to the learner to recall the concept and key ideas.

A math drill will also be given to solve for the lateral surface area, which is part of the total surface area.

Another math drill will be given to solve for the surface areas of the cylinders given.

Lastly, the learners will be asked the significance of learning the concept in real life.


The surface areas of solids are always some of the basic knowledge that an individual must have since we encounter these concepts almost everyday.

These concepts are also used in the future and higher topics of mathematics.

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