Tens And Ones Worksheet for Class 2

What is the “Tens And Ones Worksheet Class 2”?

This worksheet will help you apply your prior knowledge in mathematics and will strengthen your foundation in the field of mathematics. This worksheet will also improve the learners’ skills and capabilities through answering a group of math drills for application, understanding, and evaluating their learnings.

What is place value?

Each digit in a number holds a specific place value. It is very important that the learner should remember that there could be instances that digits might be similar but their place values will be different.

How will the “Tens And Ones Worksheet Class 2” help you?

This will help you in a lot of positive ways including a stronger foundation and better understanding of numbers and their properties. The future topics of mathematics will definitely use the concepts in this worksheet in more advanced learning.

Instructions on how to use “Tens And Ones Worksheet Class 2”

Use this worksheet in understanding and learning the concepts that entail the properties of numbers and its digits including its place values. a 24 item math drill will be given to the learner to apply the lesson.

Lastly, the learner will be given a situation which requires critical thinking and will be asked to list two-digits numbers as answers to the question.


A number and its digit properties is a very important foundation in going through the different topics in higher mathematics. 

Simple concepts like knowing its digits’ place values will bring a huge advantage in learning the future concepts of mathematics.

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