Terminating And Non-Terminating Decimals Worksheet

What is the “Terminating and Non-terminating Worksheet”?

This worksheet will be discussing the terminating and non-terminating decimals. This worksheet will give the learner a brief discussion and also an evaluation on this concept.

How will the “Terminating and Non-terminating Worksheet” help you?

This worksheet will help the learner understand the properties of decimals and the identification between terminating and non-terminating decimals..

What are decimals?

Decimals are part of the number system which is a portion of a whole number. Decimals can be expressed in fraction forms or written after the decimal point which shows after a whole number.

Instructions on using the “Terminating and Non-terminating Worksheet”

Use this worksheet to enhance your ability in knowing more about the decimals, specifically the terminating and non-terminating decimals. After a short discussion, a 5-item true or false will be given to the learner to recall the concept and key ideas.

A math drill will also be given to convert mixed numbers and fractions into decimals.

Lastly, the learners will be asked the significance of learning the concept in real life.


The decimals are a crucial foundation in learning more about the number system. Moreover, the decimals are always used even in the advanced level of mathematical concepts.

These concepts are also used in the future and higher topics of mathematics.

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