The Law Of Sines Worksheet (with Answer key)

What is the “The Law of Sines Worksheet”?

This worksheet will discuss the law of sines which will elaborate the properties of the triangles based on the relationships of sides and angles in terms of sine function.

How will the “The Law of Sines Worksheet” help you?

This worksheet will help the learner understand the properties of triangles when it comes to the law of sines. This will also become a guide in learning more advanced topics in mathematics as sine is one of the trigonometric functions that will be useful in higher level mathematics.

What is sine?

Sine is the trigonometric function that is equal to the ratio of the side opposite to a given angle on a right triangle to the hypotenuse.

Instructions on using the “The Law of Sines Worksheet”

Use this worksheet to understand and learn more on the law of sines. After a short discussion, a figure will have to be labeled by the learner to explore the properties of a right triangle.

Next, the learner will be given an activity of true or false questions in order to ensure the learner understood the concept.

Lastly, the learner will be asked to answer a reflective question that will make them realize the importance of the concept in real life..


The law of sines and its properties contribute a lot to the geometric lessons in advanced mathematics. It is very essential to know more about these concepts and to explore these topics.

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