Trigonometric ratios word problem worksheet (with  answer key)

Trigonometric Ratios are defined as the values of all the trigonometric functions based on the value of the ratio of sides in a right-angled triangle. The ratios of sides of a right-angled triangle with respect to any of its acute angles are known as the trigonometric ratios of that particular angle.

What are the “ Trigonometric ratios word problem worksheet (with  answer key)”?

The worksheet “Trigonometric ratios word problem worksheet (with  answer key)”  is for students to understand right triangles and its relation with trignometric ratios. It explains the concepts of how to find the unknown sides or angle by using trignometric ratio. Explanations are given through figures and examples. Along with examples are step-by-step guides to solve them. 

How will the “Trigonometric ratios word problem worksheet (with  answer key)” help you?

“Trigonometric ratios word problem worksheet (with  answer key)” will help students understand the concepts of trignometric ratios and there relation with right angled triangle .The practice questions after the explanations and examples will give students the chance to practice what they have understood from the worksheet and solidify their concepts. 

Instructions on how to use the “Trigonometric ratios word problem worksheet (with  answer key)”

The worksheet should be used by starting with reading and understanding the concepts related to a right angled triangle followed by how can we identify its sides. You can then proceed to the concept of trignometric ratios and steps involved to solve word problems using trignometric ratios. Make sure to do all the given problems in the “Applying” section.

Also try spending considerable time in self-reflection as it will help you  evaluate yourself.


Trignometric ratios can be used to solve the word problems.The two most important steps in solving the word problems using  trigonometric ratios are; understanding the question and then drawing the appropriate figure. Drawing a diagram for the given information will give us a clear understanding of the question.After that we can use the  trigonometric ratios   to find the unknown side or angle.

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