Trigonometry review worksheet(with answer key)

This sheet is about trigonometric review. You will learn to apply mathematical operations to trigonometric equations.

What is the “Trigonometry review worksheet”?

This worksheet is created for students to learn the advanced form of trigonometry. After memorizing the basic angles for three trigonometric functions you will be practicing trigonometric equations. You will see how you can relate the mid-term method in trigonometric equations as well.

Then, use the worksheet’s practice questions to put your newly learned principles into practice.

The worksheet concludes with a reflection section encouraging students to ponder and develop their own questions.

Finally, it will improve students’ thinking processes.

How will the “Trigonometry review worksheet” help you?

This worksheet will help you in understanding trigonometric equations. The steps involved in the examples will make you able to use six basic trigonometric functions. This sheet will show you the method to deduce the angles the unknown variable makes.


By clearly understanding the concept, you will be able to apply it in real life. Trigonometry will be used in setting directions and playing games. It will help you find the distance when navigating marine vessels and studying marine biology. Trigonometry’s applications are becoming increasingly diverse, making it an important concept to master.

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