Unit Circle Worksheet (PDF + with Answer Key)

What is the “Unit Circle Worksheet (PDF + Answer Key)”?

The “Unit Circle Worksheet (PDF + Answer Key)” is a practice worksheet for remembering the different equivalent ordered pairs in a unit circle.

What is a unit circle?

A unit circle is a circle of unit radius, i.e., of radius 1. The unit circle plays a significant role in a number of different areas of mathematics. For example, the functions of trigonometry are most simply defined using the unit circle.

How can the “Unit Circle Worksheet (PDF + Answer Key)” help you?

The “Unit Circle Worksheet (PDF + Answer Key)” can help you remember the different ordered pairs for each angle in the circle. This could actually be used in solving complex problems related to a circle. By using this worksheet, you would be able to know how far you have learned about the unit circle.

Instructions on how to use the “Unit Circle Worksheet (PDF + Answer Key)”

To use the “ Unit Circle Worksheet (PDF + Answer Key)”, fill in the blanks to complete the unit circle. An answer key is provided for you to check your answers.


The unit circle, in its simplest form, is actually exactly what it sounds like: A circle on the Cartesian Plane with a radius of exactly 1 unit.

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