Volume of cylinders and cones worksheet

The density of a cylinder is determined by its volume, which represents how much material may be immersed in it or carried inside. Nonetheless, a cone’s volume determines how much room it has to work with. Use this worksheet to determine the volume of the cylinder and cone.

What is the “Volume of cylinders and cones worksheet”?

Volume of cylinders and cones worksheet is a math practice sheet that incorporates application, reflection, assessment, word problems, and problem-solving with a challenge to aid students in creating and resolving their word problems. This activity will assist students in understanding the lecture, applying new knowledge, and utilizing prior knowledge.

What is a cylinder?

A three-dimensional structure known as a cylinder has circular bases that are parallel. There are no vertices on it.

What is a cone?

A three-dimensional shape with a circular base is a cone. It means that a radius or diameter makes up the base. The height of the cone is measured from the center of the base to its highest point.

How will the “Volume of cylinders and cones worksheet” help you?

This worksheet will help you better understand the concept behind the volume of cylinders and cones and follow step-by-step examples for correct answers.

Instructions on how to use the “Volume of cylinders and cones worksheet.”

Use this math worksheet to explore the volume cylinder and cone in detail and learn how to compute them. We provide a 10-item activity to help you practice the topic.


The worksheet’s last part, titled “Reflection,” invites students to assess their learning throughout the lecture and their metacognition.


Computing the volume of a cylinder and cone is simple as long as you remember the steps and are familiar with the formula. 

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