Write And Solve an Equation Worksheet

Algebraic word problems are questions requiring the translation of phrases into equations, followed by the solution of those equations and just one variable in a linear equation. Typically, the variable symbolizes an unknown quantity in the real world.

What is the “Write and Solve an Equation Worksheet”?

This worksheet will discuss writing equations with variables from worded problems. Learners will be provided with examples of how to write equations from worded problems and solve for the unknown.

How will the “Write and Solve an Equation Worksheet” help you?

This worksheet will assist you in solving worded problems, writing words into equations, and solving for the unknown variable. 

Instructions on how to use the “Write and Solve an Equation Worksheet.”

Use this worksheet to comprehend worded problems with one variable. Study the examples given and practice solving with the exercises below. 


A math word problem is a question expressed in one or more sentences requiring students to apply their arithmetic knowledge to a “real-world” setting. You can convert words, phrases, and sentences into equations and solve for the unknown value.

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